Coats of arms associated with the family.


Welcome to Mead-Family.Net a one name study and home for research into the Mead, Meade, Meads and Mede family names. This website contains many lines of descent covering the entire globe along with photographs, documents and scanned images. This website is a collaboration by many researchers into our collective genealogy and is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and the Surname Society. By joining Mead-Family.Net you can help to expand the knowledge of our family and contribute to its genealogical study.

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Record Totals:
Mead: 4,430
Meade: 524
Meads: 76
Mede: 47

Portraits: 331
Photographs: 47
e-Books: 7

Feature Articles

feature 1 Surname Origins
Have you ever wondered how our family name originated? Follow the link to read more...

feature 2 Heraldry
There are several coats of arms associated with the family.

feature 3 Bibliography
Follow the link for a list of books about our family, many written by family members.

feature 4 An Essex Lad
Isaac Mead was Essex born and bred.

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